The level system

Published 12 December 2020

👋 Hi everyone!
Ready to level up ?! In the following you will get to know what you will get when you level up and how much EXP you will gain from using our various services.

1. What will I get from each level?

Level Bonus
1 Nothing
2 10% more from web-miner
3 Nothing
4 Get 15% of trading fee from referral
5 Miner rank reached
6 15% more from web-miner
7 Nothing
8 0.25% less service fee on withdraw
9 Nothing
10 Crafter rank reached + 1500 satoshis

2. How much EXP will I get from which service?

Service EXP per use
Exchange 3 EXP
Web-miner 2 EXP
Daily interest 1 EXP
Freebitcoin 2 EXP
Offerwall: Bitswall 1 EXP
Offerwall: Ayet Studios 5 EXP
Paid to click 2 EXP
3. What is a rank?
Your rank will be shown at the chat, every user will be able to see your current rank.

4. Will you add more levels in the future?
Yes, we will.

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