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We take a 4% fee on every payout, to increase the payout rate and to pay up coming cost.

Mine any supported coin online in the browser. Convert them into any another currency.

Actual exchange rate from coingecko is used. Fee depends on the coin.


We now cooperating with the scriv network!

The network is owner from the scriv coin that
we also have listed on our site. For more infos to the cooperation: HERE

Supported coins

Fee depends on the coin

CurrencySymbolBTC per coinPayout fee
BeanCashBEAN3.000000 satoshi0.10000000 BEAN
BitcoinBTC1.00000000 BTC0.00020000 BTC
Bitcoin CashBCH0.03080627 BTC0.00000500 BCH
DogecoinDOGE0.00000031 BTC1.00000000 DOGE
EthereumETH0.02217712 BTC0.00003000 ETH
GridcoinGRC0.00000023 BTC0.01000000 GRC
JSEcoinJSE3.630000 satoshi100.00000000 JSE
LindaLINDA4.010000 satoshi1.00000000 LINDA
LitecoinLTC0.00946672 BTC0.00010000 LTC
MoneroXMR0.00818873 BTC0.00005000 XMR
PotCoinPOT0.00000071 BTC0.05000000 POT
SCRIVSCRIV8.540000 satoshi0.01000000 SCRIV
WebchainWEB9.000000 satoshiNo fee
XPXP0.030000 satoshi50.00000000 XP
ZcashZEC0.00769766 BTC0.00100000 ZEC

You can request your own coin after login.

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